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    What is the Cloud, should I use it? Do I need it?
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    CCTV, Burglar alarms, Access control, All with access from anywhere in the world.

The Cloud is the internet - in other words, a network of servers. If you've ever checked your email online or used facebook, then you've used the cloud!

When you use the cloud, your computer communicates with a network of servers, some of these server are specialised for storage whiles others use their computing power to run applications.

An application that runs in the cloud is called a web app. Unlike desktop apps, web apps do not need to be installed - you just need a web browser. Goggle docs is an example of a web app

Having all of your data in the cloud can be just as bad as having all of it stored locally, these systems complement rather then replace each other.  Get in touch by sending us an email  or directly by calling on 01206 984794 to find out how to have a well rounded cloud strategy to avoid data loss, provide ease of use and access to your data from anywhere in the world.